When Diplomacy Fails

By Zack Twamley

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A weekly podcast covering the build up to, breakout of and consequences of various conflicts in history.

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  Direct Link   Download 39 Minutes 18 Dec 2019

In the words of the historian John A. Lynn, "trying to understand seventeenth-century European history without weighing the influence of war and military institutions is like trying to dance without listening to the music." For the last 15 episodes, we've surrounded ourselves with a heck of a lot of music, so I hope you're ready to dance!This is it, our FINAL episode of 2019 [if you're not a patron!] and our last instalment of the 17th Century Warfare series! We've come a long way in our examination of warfare in this eventful century. Everything from Swedish Kings, to siege ingenuity, to barrages of artillery reforms, to the development and spread of the infantry firearm drill. Hopefully after listening in, you feel like you've learned something about warfare worked, and you appreciate me shining this light on a topic which is rarely given the attention it deserves outside of really nerdy history circles.Hopefully as well, you feel ready and prepared to begin again in the Thirty Years War, and start to climb the mountain which is the actual narrative of the war itself. I for one am REALLY excited to deliver it to you, as it's something which I've been creating and perfecting in the background for YEARS. It is the backbone of our upcoming book, and it's also [to my mind] the ONLY series which analyses this pivotal conflict in the detail it deserves. So, from January 6 2020, I hope to have you in my corner as we revisit those characters, the weighted issues and the high drama once again.This time, with the knowledge of how it ends, and how it keeps going for three decades, I hope you will find me a more accomplished guide! Either way, soon it'll be time to lay down your arms, and listen into our latest deep dive. Until it arrives though, have a wonderful, safe and happy Christmas/Hannukah/New Year etc., and I'll be seeing you all....soon!Wanna listen to Poland Is Not Yet Lost? Visit our Patreon to find out more, and scratch that Polish itch! 
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