When Diplomacy Fails

By Zack Twamley

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A weekly podcast covering the build up to, breakout of and consequences of various conflicts in history.

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  Direct Link   Download 20 Minutes 03 Jan 2018

What is American History Tellers? Well it's an exciting new show from Wondery that dives deep into American history covering events, news, headlines, and yes - sometimes presidents. America is a nation steeped in tradition, and the words we speak, ideas we share, values we admire and the freedoms we defend can all be traced to our shared history.The podcast will take you to the events, times, and people that shaped America and the Americans, through a sound design and scripts written by PhD historians. They’ll put you in the shoes of everyday citizens living through the Cold War, for example, or the Revolution, Prohibition, the Space Race, or the Gold Rush. And they show you how our history affected them, their families… and affects you.If you enjoyed this clip here, remember to subscribe and search for the show through the usual channels, and of course by checking out the show's website here: https://wondery.com/wondery/shows/americanhistorytellers/ and here! https://art19.com/shows/american-history-tellers. . .