When Diplomacy Fails

By Zack Twamley

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  Direct Link   Download 36 Minutes 22 Dec 2017

It's here! The conclusion to our 16 part story which we've been building towards for several weeks, months and years. Since we began the tale of the Thirty Years War, our narrative has, in several ways, been moving towards this incredible culmination of east meeting west. On 12th September 1683, the forces of the Ottoman Empire under Kara Mustafa met and did battle with the relief army comprised of several troops from countries as diverse as Poland, Saxony, Austria, France, Bavaria, Spain and more! The pressing question wasn't just 'Would we make it in time?'To the relief army, led by Charles of Lorraine, King Jan Sobieski of Poland and General Waldeck, the question remained as to whether they could in fact defeat the most formidable force ever mobilised by the Turks, or would they succumb, just like so many others, to the Grand Vizier's might. It was a tale of revenge, of heroism, of resistance and defiance - a battle of epic proportions, and a conclusion which, while likely to be of no surprise to you guys, sets us up well for our coverage to come.Of course, you may also know, we're taking a break from this era for a while, as we delve into pastures new for the next year or so. Our next spotlight will fall on the Korean War from January, but for now, it suffices to leave our epic narrative outside the walls of Vienna, where the forces of history met together on one incredible day in 1683. A huge thanksss to all of you guys for your interest and feedback in making this all possible, and make sure YOU don't forget to check out the simultaneous story of Jan Sobieski's life and times. What brought the King of the Poles to the field on that day, and what stories did he have under his belt by the time he arrived to support the allied charge? Make sure you don't miss out!Other than that, a huge thanksss, and make sure you tune in for our State of the Podcast Address on 1st January 2018, so that you know what's next for WDF!Remember also history friends, that YOU can support us on Patreon and help make history thrive as you do so! Want to start your new year off with a bang? From as little as $2 a month YOU can access additional content and get the good stuff FIRST! See www.patreon.com/WhenDiplomacyFails today and see if we can help you help us! For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy. . .