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Up until very recently in human history (like, the 19th century) the world was, for most people in most parts of the world, a magical place. All cultures, in some form or another, used storytelling as a way of shaping their understanding of the world- how humans came to be, why things are the way the are, and how we relate to one another and the world around us.

The Mythology Podcast is primarily about sharing stories. Human history was, in many ways, shaped dramatically by the massively rich and diverse oral traditions that today we think of as “mythology” or “folklore.”

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  Direct Link   Download 34 Minutes 08 Sep 2016

Awoooooooo! In this episode, we’re going to get into some werewolf lore from Latvia, Iceland, Armenia, Argentina, and elsewhere. Almost every part of the globe has espoused a belief in were-creatures at some point or another, with werewolves being particularly ubiquitous. We’ll sample a few choice tales from the world’s diverse trove of lycanthropic legends in this segment. The post MPC 029 : Legends of Lycanthropy appeared first on The Mythology Podcast.. . .