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Ahh, France! This year, one percent of the people on Earth will actually pack their bags and visit France. Meanwhile, those of us who aren't so lucky will have eaten a croissant, admired a little black dress, drunk a good bottle of wine, and rewatched Amélie on Netflix yet again. This is where I come in: I’m Diana, a huge history nerd who spends too much time reading about the weird, wacky and wonderful history of France, who wants to share its greatest stories with you!

We’re talking about a country that ran out of cows and figured out how to eat zebras. We’re talking about a country which snuck its greatest national treasure away from the Nazis in the back of an ambulance. We’re talking about a country whose great revolution fought for brotherhood, equality, and a national holiday for marshmallows. Join us every two weeks for a new episode!

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“Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.” – Yogi Berra This week, we’ll wrap up our series “We’ll Always Have Paris” focusing on the history of tourism in France. Paris is in many ways a city constructed by and for tourism: tourism shapes which landmarks are preserved, which civic resources are available, and whose needs are prioritized. The post 27. We’ll Always Have Paris – Paris Syndrome appeared first on The Land of Desire.. . .