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The Ancient World (Original Series): From the first human civilizations to 500 BC
TAW - Rediscovery: The rediscovery of the ancient world by adventurers, scholars and archaeologists
TAW - Bloodline (Current Series): Tracing the generations from Cleopatra to Zenobia

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  Direct Link   Download 0 Minutes 22 Jul 2012

Hi! Well, a little over a month has passed since I posted the last episode, and what a busy month it has been. The longed-for tapering off I’ve been hoping for has yet to transpire, but I’m still working hard toward my self-imposed deadline of getting the next episode posted before the end of July. Since I’ll be away the better part of next weekend, that puts a little extra pressure on me, but I still think I’ll be able to pull it off. So keep your eyes out for Episode 10, “Picking Up the Pieces,” coming your way soon!Also, my ongoing busy-ness is, unfortunately, making the weekly(-ish) podcast schedule untenable, so I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be dropping back to a bi-weekly schedule for at least the month of August, and possibly for the remainder of the podcast. That’s the only way I feel I can give each episode the time and attention it deserves. Trust me, you do not want to short shrift the Neo-Assyrians – they tend to take things very personally.Thanks again for listening, and keep spreading the word!Scott C.. . .