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The Ancient World (Original Series): From the first human civilizations to 500 BC
TAW - Rediscovery: The rediscovery of the ancient world by adventurers, scholars and archaeologists
TAW - Bloodline (Current Series): Tracing the generations from Cleopatra to Zenobia

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  Direct Link   Download 0 Minutes 22 Mar 2013

Greetings TAW listeners! April 4, 2013 will mark the one year anniversary since this podcast was first launched, and what an amazing year it’s been. I wanted to thank you all - not only for your kind words, wonderful iTunes reviews, and lovely Facebook posts - but also for helping me, and the series, reach the following, rather mind-boggling, set of milestones: 250 Facebook “Likes” (OK, that’s not mind-boggling, but it is fun) 5,000 regular subscribers, and (wait for it…) 250,000 episode downloads!!! Episode 25 (the Silver Anniversary episode!) is coming up next and, in yet another nod to reality, I’ll officially be changing the subtitle of TAW from “around 20 episodes” to “around 30 episodes.” A few thousand years in the bank, less than a century left to go – but trust me, there are a lot of amazing developments crammed into that last century. Thanks again for listening, and keep spreading the word! Scott C.. . .