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The Ancient World (Original Series): From the first human civilizations to 500 BC
TAW - Rediscovery: The rediscovery of the ancient world by adventurers, scholars and archaeologists
TAW - Bloodline (Current Series): Tracing the generations from Cleopatra to Zenobia

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  Direct Link   Download 0 Minutes 23 Jun 2013

A few weeks ago, I was invited to do an IAMA (“I am _____, ask me anything”) thread on As many TAW listeners probably know, Reddit is a major web community, with roughly 20 million users. As an extra bonus, recent Reddit IAMAs have been done by Mike Duncan of The History of Rome and Lars Brownworth of 12 Byzantine Rulers and Norman Centuries (both of whom were major inspirations for my creating The Ancient World) as well as a number of other great history podcasters. I’m happy to announce that my TAW IAMA will happen this Tuesday June 25th at 6:30PM EST, and will run for a few hours. On the day of the IAMA, you should be able to access the thread by going to: From what I’ve been told, it should be easy to find from there. Please feel free to stop by, say hi, and ask any questions you’ve been meaning to ask, about the podcast or anything else. Thanks again for listening!Scott C.. . .