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The Ancient World (Original Series): From the first human civilizations to 500 BC
TAW - Rediscovery: The rediscovery of the ancient world by adventurers, scholars and archaeologists
TAW - Bloodline (Current Series): Tracing the generations from Cleopatra to Zenobia

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  Direct Link   Download 0 Minutes 14 May 2016

I wanted to let everyone know that the latest Episode, “Perish in Blood”, will be the last one for a month or two. I’ll be off on Vacation for a while, and generally taking a break. In the meantime, I hope you’re allenjoying the Severan story arc. Like I mentioned early on, the extended family of Julia Domna was the original inspiration of the series, and I’m hoping to flesh out all the family members as much as I can. At the same time, I’m planning to give a lot of attention to the Sasanids, including their history and background, their conflict with the Parthians, and - eventually - their conflict with Julia Domna’s great-nephew, Severus Alexander. So, look for all that when I pick the story back up in a month or two. In the meantime, please do a couple things to support the show. First, for those of you on iTunes, please swing by and review The Ancient World. You can just give it a starred rating, or you can also leave a comment, which I always love to read. And second, The Ancient World may be in the running for this year’s Podcast Awards. The final slate will be announced on May 22 at On the off-chance we are in the running, please do whatever you can to support the show - it’s a great way to get the word out. Otherwise, thanks again for listening, and I’ll see you in a month or two! . .