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From Washington to Obama, 10 American Presidents a podcast narrated by guest hosts. The life and legacy of an American President. Each show is intercut with music and where possible archive news clips or dramatisations to set a feeling of place and time.

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  Direct Link   Download 62 Minutes 27 Mar 2020

How emotions drive presidents, Roifield talks to Dan Hill on identifying emotional patterns that help to understand three key things about U.S. presidents.Dan Hill, Ph.D., is an internationally recognised expert on the role of emotions in business, politics, sports, and popular culture, and has given keynote speeches in over 20 countries. He's the founder and president of Sensory Logic, Inc., which pioneered the use of facial coding to scientifically capture and quantify emotions in business beginning in 1998 and has in the years since done consulting work for over half of the world's top 100 business-to-consumer (B2C) oriented companies. Dan is the recipient of seven U.S. patents related to facial coding and is also a certified Facial Action Coding System (FACS) practioner. 
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