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From Washington to Obama, 10 American Presidents a podcast narrated by guest hosts. The life and legacy of an American President. Each show is intercut with music and where possible archive news clips or dramatisations to set a feeling of place and time.

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  Direct Link   Download 14 Minutes 22 Mar 2018

I've had a busy month, Jeff Shesol the American historian and speechwriter for President Bill Clinton will host a show on great Presidential speeches at the end of AprilI need your help There will be a Q&A show on Teddy Roosevelt with the always brilliant David Pietrusza which I will record it at the end of next week. So If you have a question about the 26th President you can either, email me roifield@gmail.com or record your message by clicking on the speakpipe link on our website 10USP.comPS. I prefer the recorded questions!Lastly acclaimed Lincoln author Jonathan F. Putnam is going to narrate the life of young Lincoln in Illinois. His books are full of detail about Lincoln the upstart lawyer in Springfield before he started his political career.A raw look at the combat and homecoming experience from American veterans who have been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. “This Is War” chronicles the trials of combat vets both abroad and at home.Listen today onwondery.fm/10. . .