Roman Lives

By David Andrews

On Going since Jun 2014

Roman Lives is a Roman history podcast centered on the exploits of the great men and women who made the Roman Empire possible. Starting with Romulus and Remus in the 8th Century BC, Roman Lives hopes to tell the stories of great Romans all the way until Constantinople’s fall in 1453 AD.
The Roman Kingdom, Republic, and Empire existed in some form for over two millenia, and ruled as the most prominent power in the Mediterranean world for most of that period. It is little wonder, then, that Rome played host to dozens of awe-inspiring figures. Sadly, though, only a handful of them are popularly known – Antony, Caesar, and Augustus mostly. While those three were certainly larger than life characters, there were plenty of others, and Roman Lives seeks to preserve their memory and spread their legacy to the modern world.
Of course, that all sounds a bit dramatic. In reality, Roman Lives is a podcast series of ‘audio biographies’, covering the most notable and intriguing men and women to have walked Rome’s stage.
Featuring 20-40 minute episodes, with new tales every two weeks.

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  Direct Link   Download 29 Minutes 01 Oct 2014

Lucius Tarquinius Superbus was anything but superb. His fall from the throne of Rome - and the foundation of the Republic - was momentous in and of itself. However, it would have an impact on the world that no one at the time could possibly have imagined. While it was no doubt his tyranny that laid the foundation for his ouster, it was (in the end) his son's rape of a married noble woman that would serve as the catalyst for it all. Superbus, in later centuries, would serve as the archetype of a tyrannical villain, and in his own way provided as much ammunition to the killers of Julius Caesar as Caesar himself.. . .