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Rex Factor is a light-hearted podcast reviewing all the kings and queens of England & Scotland, where we discuss which monarchs have the mark of greatness - the Rex Factor!

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  Direct Link   Download 78 Minutes 13 Dec 2012

After four episodes, we finally review Queen Victoria in full. From the spirited young girl who resisted Conroy’s Kensington System to the dumpy old lady celebrating her Diamond Jubilee, Victoria had her fair show of up’s and downs. Some would criticise her for an often partisan and stubborn approach to politics, while her never-ending mourning for Prince Albert got so tiresome that republicanism even started to raise its head. However, Victoria’s resume can also boast the British Empire, major advancements in electoral and social reform and a record-breaking stint on the throne. So when it’s all put together, will Queen Victoria be worthy of the Rex Factor?. . .