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Rex Factor is a light-hearted podcast reviewing all the kings and queens of England & Scotland, where we discuss which monarchs have the mark of greatness - the Rex Factor!

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  Direct Link   Download 69 Minutes 18 Dec 2015

With the reign of Malcolm III, Scotland emerges from the dark ages and into the chaos of 1066 and the Norman Conquest of England. With his marriage to the Saxon princess (and future saint) Margaret, Malcolm is set on a collision course with the Normans and the battle for dominance in Cumbria and Northumbria. Margaret is one of the extraordinary figures of the age and together Malcolm and Margaret oversee reforms in church and at court that have a lasting impact on Scottish history. But for how long can Malcolm try his luck with the Normans and will it be enough to earn him the Rex Factor?(Please note that we are using new microphones - haven't quite figured out the settings yet so the audio is a bit quieter than usual and we also need to get pop filters!). . .