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Music, culture, the arts, maritime exploration - Renaissance England was an exciting place to be. So much happening! Breaks with Rome. Wars with France. And Scotland. And Spain! Twice a month, we'll look at some aspect of Renaissance England that will give you a deeper understanding into life in the 16th century.

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  Direct Link   Download 41 Minutes 07 Jul 2019

This is the audio of Leanda de Lisle's talk at the 2019 Tudor Summit talking about Charles I, The White King (so the audio isn't the best). His story is the natural fulfillment of the story of the Tudors, of the Reformation that Henry VIII set into motion a century before. It's interesting that the Tudors dynasty was bookended by civil war on either sides of it, and understanding why Charles met the fate he did is crucial to understanding the impact of the Tudor policies. For information regarding your data privacy, visit . .