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Music, culture, the arts, maritime exploration - Renaissance England was an exciting place to be. So much happening! Breaks with Rome. Wars with France. And Scotland. And Spain! Twice a month, we'll look at some aspect of Renaissance England that will give you a deeper understanding into life in the 16th century.

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  Direct Link   Download 44 Minutes 14 Dec 2018

If you're like me, you may have had a rather questionable opinion of Charles Brandon. I'll admit it, he hasn't ranked high in my estimation. But historical fiction author Tony Riches - whose work I love - has just written a new book on Charles Brandon, and so we chatted about this Tudor Knight. And I have broadened my opinion of Charles Brandon.--- Check out for the show notes, and links to all of Tony's books. is my online shop. And is all about the October 2019 Tudorcon. ---. . .