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Music, culture, the arts, maritime exploration - Renaissance England was an exciting place to be. So much happening! Breaks with Rome. Wars with France. And Scotland. And Spain! Twice a month, we'll look at some aspect of Renaissance England that will give you a deeper understanding into life in the 16th century.

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  Direct Link   Download 19 Minutes 13 Oct 2018

How was the Lost Colony of Roanoke related to the Spanish Armada? What about those First Americans who made nice with the colonists, and even went back to London? This episode deals with early American exploration, and the Lost Colony of Roanoke, which was settled (and disappeared) 20 years before Jamestown. It was the equivalent of the Elizabethan Apollo Program.Get show notes at, and remember that if you like this show the number one thing you can do to help it grow and succeed is to leave a rating on Apple Podcasts or iTunes - it makes a huge difference in the success of the show! And thanks!. . .