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Music, culture, the arts, maritime exploration - Renaissance England was an exciting place to be. So much happening! Breaks with Rome. Wars with France. And Scotland. And Spain! Twice a month, we'll look at some aspect of Renaissance England that will give you a deeper understanding into life in the 16th century.

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  Direct Link   Download 25 Minutes 13 Sep 2018

This week, we look at the Big A. Annulment. There is a narrative that Henry was doing something really outrageous when he wanted to end his marriage to Katherine. When instead, he was actually doing something pretty normal. This week we look at divorce and annulments in Medieval England to show that what Henry was asking for was actually something that was very common, and what made it such a big deal was how much it was fought against, and that he didn't get what he was asking for. Show notes at Remember to check out the Tudor Radio Network at tudorradionetwork.comAnd if you like this show, please leave a rating on itunes or apple podcasts. It makes a huge difference in other people being able to find the show! Thank you!!!. . .