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Music, culture, the arts, maritime exploration - Renaissance England was an exciting place to be. So much happening! Breaks with Rome. Wars with France. And Scotland. And Spain! Twice a month, we'll look at some aspect of Renaissance England that will give you a deeper understanding into life in the 16th century.

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  Direct Link   Download 23 Minutes 14 Dec 2015

In the 16th century a booming iron industry in the forest of the Weald of Surry, Kent, and Sussex provided cannon for Henry VIII's growing navy, as well as household goods and other products. French immigrants brought new technology and England saw the growth of the beginnings of a modern industrial revolution. --- To see the show notes go to You can also enter a giveaway to win the book I used in my research! --- If you like the podcast, please rate it in iTunes, Stitcher, or whatever service you use. Thank you! You can also follow the podcast on facebook at . .