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Podcast by Ottoman History Podcast. Ottoman History Podcast began in March of 2011 as an experiment aimed at finding an alternative form of academic production that explores new and more accessible media and allows for a collaborative approach. Our recorded interviews and lectures, while still largely academic in tone, provide serious and constructive academic discussion in an accessible and almost human format that is easy on the brain and eyes.

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E294 | In this episode, Christine Philliou traces the story of Istanbul's Phanariots, a group of wealthy, "Greek-identified" families who rose to play a central role in Ottoman foreign policy and diplomacy in the 17th and 18th centuries. What happened to these families in the tumultuous years preceding and following Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1832? In this episode, we explore the biography of Phanariot Stephanos Vogorides and ask what his story has to offer Ottoman history. His story and that of the Phanariots shed light on Ottoman governance and diplomacy, as well as relations between Muslims, Christians, Ottomans, and Greeks in the important but often-overlooked moment just prior to the 19th century reforms known as the Tanzimat. More at Christine Philliou is Associate Professor of History at the University of California, Berkeley. She specializes in the political and social history of the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey and Greece, and is the author of Biography of an Empire : Governing Ottomans in an Age of Revolution (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2011). Susanna Ferguson is a Ph.D. Candidate in Middle Eastern History at Columbia University. She is currently working on a dissertation entitled "Tracing Tarbiya: Women, Gender and Childrearing in Egypt and Lebanon, 1865-1939." Zoe Griffith is a doctoral candidate in History at Brown University working on political economy and governance in Egypt and the Ottoman Mediterranean. Zoe is a co-curator of the OHP series on legal history in the Ottoman Empire and Islamic world. Credits Episode No. 294 Release Date: 18 January 2017 Recording Location: University of California, Davis Audio editing by Chris Gratien Music: - Harmandali - Recep Efendi, Cemal Efendi Special thanks to Muhtelif for the use of "Ta Paidia & Lamma Bada" Bibliography courtesy of Christine Philliou available at . .