History of Southeast Asia

By Charles Kimball

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A history of the lands between India, China and Australia.

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  Direct Link   Download 35 Minutes 16 Nov 2016

This episode covers Burma (also called Myanmar) in the Middle Ages, with special emphasis on the Bagan Empire. Visit a city with more than 2,000 pagodas! Learn what makes Theravada Buddhism different from the other Buddhist sects. Meet a king who ruled for 95 years, and another king who ate 300 dishes of curry every day! Hear me mispronounce their names! It's all here for your listening pleasure! Here is part of the Bagan skyline, showing a few of its ruined pagodas. And here is Bagan's most spectacular building, the Ananda Temple. Finally, this graph shows how much land, workers and silver supported Burma's Buddhist clergy. Do you think you would like to become a podcaster on Blubrry? Click here for the details on joining. Enter my promo code, HSEASIA, to let them know I sent you, and you will get the first month's hosting for free! Support this podcast!. . .