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  Direct Link   Download 20 Minutes 08 Feb 2020

(Elizabeth) The story of Aladdin is one of the most popular and most produced of the tales from the One Thousand and One Nights (also known in English as the Arabian Nights) and, yet, it isn't actually one of the original stories. In this episode, Elizabeth explains how the story of Aladdin entered the collection, including the young Syrian man who inspired a French author to write it. Further ReadingHannā Diyāb, The Man Who Wrote Aladdin: The Life and Times of Hannā Diyāb, translated by Paul Lunde, introduction by Caroline E.M. Stone. Hardinge Simpole (2020).Hanna Dyab, D’Alep à Paris. Les Pérégrinations d’un Jeune Syrien au Temps de Louis XIV, edited and translated by Paul Fahmé, Bernard Heyberger and Jerôme Lentin, Sinbad-Acte Sud (2015). Husain Haddawy and Muhsin Mahdi, eds., Arabian Nights., WW Norton & Company (1995). Paulo Lemos Horta, Marvellous Thieves, Harvard University Press (2017). --, Aladdin: a New Translation, translated by Yasmine Seale, edited by Paulo Lemos Horta (2018). Robert Irwin, The Arabian Nights: A Companion, Bloomsbury Publishing (2003). Related ContentThis episode is part of our Footnoting Disney Series.Aladdin, Disney, (1992).Music: "Evening Melodrama" by Kevin Macleod ( . .