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  Direct Link   Download 18 Minutes 02 Nov 2019

(Christine) Following a tumultuous life entrenched in Britain's art world, Elizabeth Siddal was laid to rest in 1862, but her body's peace would be disturbed only a few years later when her coffin was reopened. Find out the story behind the disturbance of the late artist and model's earthly remains in this episode. Further Reading Laura Bradley, "Elizabeth Siddal: Drawn into the Pre-Raphaelite Circle", Art Institute of Chicago Museum Studies, 18:2. (1992), pp. 136-145, 187. J.B. Bullen, “Rossetti, Dante Gabriel (1828-1882)”, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, (2004/2015). Marion R. Edwards, "Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal -- The Age Problem", The Burlington Magazine, 119:887, (February 1977), pp. 110, 112. Paul Fyfe, "Accidental Death: Lizzie Siddal and the Poetics of the Coroner's Inquest", Victorian Review, 40:2, (Fall 2014), pp. 17-22. Jan Marsh, "Did Rossetti Really Need to Exhume his Wife?" The Times Literary Supplement, (15 February 2012). --"Imagining Elizabeth Siddal", New Statesman & Society, 1:15, (16 September 1988), pp. 32-36. --, The Legend of Elizabeth Siddal, Quartet Books, 1989. William Rossetti, "Dante Rossetti and Elizabeth Siddal", The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs, 1:3, (May 1903), pp. 273-295. Carol Rumens, "Poem of the Week: Dead Love by Elizabeth Siddal", The Guardian, (14 September 2015). Virginia Surtees, “Siddal, Elizabeth Eleanor (1829-1862)”, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, (2004). The Complete Writings and Pictures of Dante Gabriel Rossetti: A Hypermedia Archive, Jerome McGann, ed. "Poems by Dante Gabriel Rossetti", The Pall Mall Gazette, (21 April 1870) via British Library Newspapers, Part I: 1800-1900." Pre-Raphaelite Sisters Exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London. "Rossettis Poems", The Graphic, (14 May 1870) via British Library Newspapers, Part I: 1800-1900.. . .