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  Direct Link   Download 28 Minutes 24 Aug 2019

(Christine and Elizabeth) In April 2019, a fire at the French cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris had people around the world glued to their news feeds and televisions. Join Christine and Elizabeth for a discussion about some significant events that took place at Notre-Dame during one of France’s most turbulent periods, the span from the French Revolution to the exile of Napoleon III. Further Reading Diana Reid Haig, Walks Through Marie Antoinette’s Paris, Ravenhall Books, (2006). Christopher Hibbert, The Days of the French Revolution, Perennial (1980). Jasper Ridley, Napoleon III and Eugenie, Viking, (1979). Andrew Roberts, Napoleon: A Life, Viking, (2014). Desmond Seward. Eugénie: The Empress and Her Empire. Sutton Publishing, (2004). Adam Zamoyski, Napoleon: The Man Behind the Myth, William Collins, (2018). Baptism of the Prince Imperial, via Fondation Napoleon. Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris via Fondation Napoleon. The Day of Napoleon's Coronation, via Fondation Napoleon. Notre-Dame de Paris Official Website. Images Malika Bouabdellah Dorbani, “July 28: Liberty Leading the People”, via Louvre. --, "The Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon and the Coronation of Empress Joséphine on December 2, 1804", via Louvre. Arrival of Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie’s cortege at Notre-Dame for their religious marriage ceremony, January 1853, via Bibliothèque nationale de France. Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette receiving well wishes from the people of Paris with Notre-Dame in the background, c 18th century, via Bibliothèque nationale de France. View of Notre-Dame de Paris and the New Sacristy, by Jean-Baptiste Lassus, 19th century, via Bibliothèque nationale de France. Related Content This episode is part of our Revolutionary France Series. Music: "Evening Melodrama" by Kevin Macleod ( . .