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(Lesley) Of all the wars in the 20th century, no loss was more frustrating than the military operation against the emu in Western Australia in 1932. Learn about the treatment of these enormous flightless birds as an organized military formation and the subsequent disaster as no amount of military force could successfully and effectively defeat these warriors of the animal world. Further ReadingAdrian Burton, "Tell me, mate, what were emus like?", Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 11:6 (2013). Bec Crew, "The Great Emu War: in which some large, flightless birds unwittingly foiled the Australian Army." Scientific American. (2014). Murray Johnson, "'Feathered foes': soldier settlers and Western Australia's 'Emu War' of 1932". Journal of Australian Studies. 30:88 (2006), 147–157.Music: "Evening Melodrama" by Kevin Macleod ( . .