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The first episode in the Burke and Wills Expedition series provides background to the endeavor - which was an expedition to cross Australia in 1860-61. We are introduced to the organizers of the expedition - Royal Society of Victoria - and its eventual leader, Robert Burke. Key people and places Robert Burke - Irish police superintendent from Castlemaine. Will be named leader of the expedition. Royal Society of Victoria - aka The Society. Scientific society based in Melbourne. They will organize the expedition. Exploration Committee - The committee of the Society which oversaw the Burke and Wills Expedition. Victoria Exploring Expedition (VEE) - The official name of the expedition led by Robert Burke to cross the Australian continent. Sir William Stawell - Key member of the Exploration Committee, and Chief Justice of Victoria. John Macadam - Secretary of the Exploration Committee. John Bruce - Wealthy Australian businessman who supported Robert Burke's bid to lead the expedition. Peter Edgerton Warburton - aka Major Warburton - Police Commissioner of South Australia and candidate to lead the VEE. Gustov von Tempsky - Prussian adventurer and candidate to lead the VEE. George Landells - Horse trader who would bring 25 camels to Australia to be part of the upcoming expedition. Would later be named second-in-command of the VEE. Charles Sturt - British soldier who would explore Australia - discovering Cooper's Creek in 1844. John McDouall Stuart - Scottish explorer who would be the chief competitor with the VEE to blaze a route across Australia. Augustus Gregory - Explorer who had gone from Brisbane to Adelaide in 1858. He turned down the opportunity to lead the VEE, but recommended any expedition go to Cooper's Creek and set up a depot - and use it as a base for striking out to the north. Cooper's Creek - River in central Australia. It is about halfway across the continent if someone is traveling between Melbourne and Gulf of Carpentaria in the north. William Wills - British surveyor and astronomer who will eventually become the second-in-command of the VEE. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices. . .