Matt Beat and Robert Marshall are two history teachers from Kansas and Oklahoma, respectively. In each episode, they look at past events and relate them to current events. They examine how history is currently repeating itself, how history is relevant today, and how history is constantly being revised.

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In the first episode, Matt and Robert discuss the recent Confederate flag controversy, the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage, which woman should be on the $10 bill, the ruling that the Ten Commandments be taken down at the Oklahoma City capitol building, and the misconceptions many have about the actual conditions of slavery in the antebellum U.S. South. Context is about connecting the past to the present. It's about bringing history to life by making it relevant to everyone. Matt and Robert examine how history repeats itself, how interpretations of history change, and how new discoveries are being made about the past every day. Music: "Thomas Jefferson" by Electric Needle Room Available for a free download at Link to article referenced in this episode: . .