Matt Beat and Robert Marshall are two history teachers from Kansas and Oklahoma, respectively. In each episode, they look at past events and relate them to current events. They examine how history is currently repeating itself, how history is relevant today, and how history is constantly being revised.

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  Direct Link   Download 0 Minutes 10 Aug 2015

In which Matt and Robert followup on the controversy surrounding the Iranian nuclear deal, examine the new APUSH standards which stress "American exceptionalism," reexamine the possibility of a First Lady on money, and discuss how the most important people in history are crazy inventors like the Wright Brothers. Finally, Robert spends probably too much time dissecting a poorly written article about the supposed increase in xenophobia in Germany. Music: "Thomas Jefferson" by Electric Needle Room. For a free download, visit: Here are the articles referenced in this episode: The Hawks love a conflict with Iran Revised AP U.S. History Standards Will Emphasize American Exceptionalism Eleanor Roosevelt Is Top Choice for the $10 Bill, Poll Finds Xenophobia in Germany . .