Matt Beat and Robert Marshall are two history teachers from Kansas and Oklahoma, respectively. In each episode, they look at past events and relate them to current events. They examine how history is currently repeating itself, how history is relevant today, and how history is constantly being revised.

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  Direct Link   Download 0 Minutes 27 Sep 2015

In which Matt, Robert, and Cypher discuss the Republican Presidential candidates' choices for the woman to appear on the $10 bill, the merits of renaming Harney Peak or any other landmark named after someone arguably dishonorable, the renovation of the CSS Hunley, and muse about what kind of environment cultivates intelligence. For the first time, it's a three-way dialogue, and the podcast seems more lively because of it. Mr. Beat's Social Studies Channel: Reading Through History: Cynical Historian Music: "William McKinley" by Electric Needle Room Stories referenced this episode: We could have a larger discussion about renaming things after this… The CSS Hunley is finally clean! . .