Matt Beat and Robert Marshall are two history teachers from Kansas and Oklahoma, respectively. In each episode, they look at past events and relate them to current events. They examine how history is currently repeating itself, how history is relevant today, and how history is constantly being revised.

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In which Matt and Robert interview each other without telling each other the questions beforehand. Later, they are joined with Tom Richey, YouTube sensation, who explains superdelegates. The three examine how the establishment candidates in both the Democratic and Republican parties are at odds with seemingly a growing number of Americans, the antidemocratic rise of superdelegates, mercantilism in the 21st century, the most overrated and underrated Presidents in American history, the decline of the 4th amendment, the decline of the nuclear family, women's role in the military, and Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. Check out our YouTube channels: Mr. Beat Reading Through History Tom Richey . .