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  Direct Link   Download 54 Minutes 12 Apr 2017

In this week's show...Let's forget all about the old cannibalism and torture and necrophilia and incest for a moment shall we, and concentrate on the happy-go-lucky BLOOD CRISIS!!The Question Pot throws up a very interesting William Powell related query...The Caseite Jingle arrives to haunt our dreams...There's more 'Who The Hell Is That Hollywood Legend?'And this week's reviews are dedicated to one of classic cinema's true pioneers, a lady who shrugged off a studio suspension to focus her efforts on becoming a trailblazing director: Miss Ida Lupino.We'll be shining a light on two of her most powerful and controversial films, 'Outrage' from 1950, and the nerve-shredding 'The Hitch-Hiker' from 1953.Radio entertainment comes this week from 'Suspense'...To become a patron of the shows, click hereGo and take a look at 'The Dark Pages'Credits. . .