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  Direct Link   Download 51 Minutes 20 May 2014

We've had some great... if... mystifying messages...?Is anyone in the market for a NEW car?Adam reviews 'The Body Snatcher', 'The Amazing Doctor Clitterhouse' - yes, you read that correctly - 'The Saint's Vacation', and one of Adam's favourite films of all time: 'Obsession' from 1949, starring the breathtaking Sally Gray.This week's radio play is from The Screen Guild Theatre, and Adam has actually gone out shopping for this week's competition prize. To enter is so very simple, and so very fun...Also, details of the next Attaboy Clarence Special, which is coming up in a few weeks, and news of next week's radio play, perhaps the most infamous radio play of all time...Turn the lights down low, and the headphones up high... and remember #sallygrayTo donate to the upkeep of the show, click hereCredits Download (Right Click & Save)Listen on StitcherGet it from iTunes. . .