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  Direct Link   Download 78 Minutes 18 Nov 2014

In this week's episode, Adam jive-talks some relationship advice, tries to ascertain the exact type of coconut oil used in Fitch's Shampoo, throws out an entire collection of high-octane 1980's-style high-five-age, and lets you in on exactly which type of song gets him in the mood for cigarettes, as well as news of the Christmas Special, coming soon...This week's reviews are MGM's experimental murder thriller 'Night Must Fall' from 1937, starring a very "oirish" Robert Montgomery, and 'They Drive By Night', a dark little British noir thriller from 1938, starring Ernest Thesiger as an impeccably-accented serial killer.This weeks radio offering is from "Radio's Outstanding Theatre Of Thrills"If you'd like to get involved with the Christmas Special, email your greetings to adam@attaboyclarence.comIf you've enjoyed this, or any previous shows, please consider leaving a review hereTo donate to the upkeep of the show, click hereCredits. . .