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  Direct Link   Download 76 Minutes 03 Feb 2015

In this, the 29th incarnation of Attaboy Clarence, we're descending into the grim domain of the serial killer...Adam brings you three early examples of serial-killer-thrillers in classic cinema, 'Lured' a glossy affair from 1947, 'The Spiral Staircase', a shadowy horror from 1946, and the nightmarish German classic, 'M' from 1931.Radio entertainment comes in the form of two classic thrillers from Suspense and The Screen Director's Playhouse.Also, listen as a man in a chamber pot tries to talk up the glamorous side of washing the dishes, and we indulge in a round-the-world quiz, courtesy of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.Let the good times roll!To become a patron of the shows click hereTo watch this week's Film Club selection, click hereTo leave an iTunes review for the show (which will make your fingers glow like ET's) click hereTo donate to the upkeep of the show, click hereCredits. . .