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  Direct Link   Download 83 Minutes 07 Jul 2015

In this episode, Adam puts a whole new SLANT on Shakespearean names, ENTERS a competition live on air, and CREATES a new classic movie fan (with your help)...We'll take a look at Humphrey Bogart's chilling 1951 thriller, 'The Enforcer', Mickey Rooney's preposterously befuddling attempt at going gangster in 1950's 'Quicksand', and take a trip through the creation of the Earth, hand in hand with "De Lawd", in the often controversial, but surprisingly delightful 'The Green Pastures' from 1936.Radio entertainment this week comes from the Lux Radio Theatre, in a very biblical adaptation, starring Victor Mature and Hedy Lamarr.ALSO WITH ADDED Mentalfloss! Podcast Awards! 1980's High Fives! Machine-Gun-Canterburys!To become a patron of the shows click hereTo look at's list of The Most Popcorn-Worthy Movie Podcasts, click hereTo leave an iTunes review for this show, click hereCredits. . .