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  Direct Link   Download 88 Minutes 22 Nov 2016

This week, who on earth can fit eight great tomatoes into an itty-bitty can?Apart from that, The Question Pot throws up a new assortment of queries...Is it Clippercraft, or Clippercrap?The Julio Iglesias-flavoured email song is back!Sookie has a birthday wish!We play 'Who The Hell Is That Hollywood Legend?' again...PLUS, we're looking at three more movies, 'Our Vines Have Tender Grapes' (a film with a title you have to give twice, EVERY TIME!), 'Over The Garden Wall' (Romeo & Juliet meets 1930's Britain), and the quintessential screwball comedy classic 'Bringing Up Baby'.Radio entertainment comes courtesy of the Lux Radio TheatreTo become a patron of the shows, click hereTo read the New Statesman article, click hereCredits. . .