Africa: A History

By Travis J. Dow

On Going since Sep 2016 • Updated monthly

No continent is as diverse—or has as long of a human history—as Africa. This podcast explores the rich cultures that have existed and can often still be found today. Part geography, part anthropology, and all of it history.

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To fully cover the small island of Zanzibar a bit of everything is needed: the history of trade reaching from central Africa all the way to the Indian subcontinent. The unique history of Swahili and its role in the colonial policies. Dozens of goods, including slaves. Zanzibar was the capital of the Omani Empire for a time, and later was traded for Helgoland off the German coast.. . .

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The Rwandan genocide was one of the most brutal in human history. Also a lesson in international ineptitude. To make Africa a better place, check out this org: . .

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A look at people who practically invented sustainability. The Pygmies living in the Congo have not had it easy.. . .

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Our first look at a very ancient people living in southern central Africa.. . .

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