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A History of Ideas

A fresh take on the History of Ideas as big subjects like beauty, freedom, technology and morality get dissected by a team of thinkers.

History of Alchemy Podcast

A look at the history of alchemy and it's influence on science.

In Our Time Archive: Science

Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the people, conflicts and events that have shaped the world. These are the archived episodes on science.

Space Rocket History

Reccomended Active
From ancient times to the present a history of space exploration.


A close look at chemical elements, the basic building blocks of the universe. Where do we get them, what do we use them for and how do they fit into the economy?

Seven Ages of Science

Lisa Jardine traces the evolution of scientific endeavour in Britain over the last four centuries. In this series of seven programmes, Lisa explores how our world has changed science: pushing it in new directions, creating new disciplines and pioneering new approaches to scientific understanding. It’s a history of science that weaves science back into the fabric of everyday life and shows how the concerns of the scientist are the concerns of us all.

The Scientific Odyssey

An examination of scientific inquiry through a discussion of the history and philosophy of the scientific endeavor as well as of the people who have participated in it.

CMPod – A Podcast about Science, Technology & History

Curious Minds – A podcast about Science, Technology and History

Internet History Podcast

From Netscape To The iPad, an interactive history project, producing a book on the history of the internet era by crowdsourcing facts and first person accounts from listeners.