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The History of Byzantium

A podcast telling the story of the Roman (Byzantine) Empire from 476 AD to 1453.

12 Byzantine Rulers: The History of The Byzantine Empire

A lecture series by Lars Brownworth covers the history of the Byzantine Empire through the study of 12 of its greatest rulers.

History of the Crusades

The history of the Crusades from 1095 onwards. Castles, battles, religious clashes, Richard the Lionheart, the Assassins, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Saladin, the Knights Templar - all will feature as we examine one of the most interesting periods in history.

Medieval Archives

Illuminating the Dark Ages for the Digital World. Separate fact from fiction and find out how the men and women of the middle ages really lived.

Norman Centuries

A podcast on the Normans. While popular Norman history focuses on the regions of France and England, Norman Centuries covers the lesser known Italian Normans as well.

The History of Denmark

An amateur history podcast about the oldest Kingdom in Europe. It follows the Danish monarchs from Gorm the Old to Margaret II across 1000 years.

Queens of England Podcast

The Queens of England Podcast is an alternative history of Mediaeval England, told through the lives of the women behind the throne covering the period from Hastings to the aftermath of Bosworth.

The History of Islam Podcast

The History of Islam podcast is a weekly podcast that stats with Pre-Islamic Arabia and goes through the current day.

Viking Age Pod

We are covering the History of Scandinavia during the Viking Age. We're exploring Raiding, Trading and Settlement of Scandinavians abroad as well as the culture and society of the Norse homelands.

Wittenberg to Westphalia

A history podcast that aims to cover the birth of the European state system by examining the Early Modern Period of European history.