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A weekly podcasting exploring great political revolutions. Covered so far: The English Civil War, The American Revolutionary War, The French Revolution, The Haitian Revolution

Norman Centuries

A podcast on the Normans. While popular Norman history focuses on the regions of France and England, Norman Centuries covers the lesser known Italian Normans as well.

The WW2 Podcast

With WW2 slipping from living memory I aim to look at different historical aspects of the Second World War. Each month I will interview an expert on a wide range of topics looking at the history of the war.

The Wars of Coalition

An Historical Chronicle of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, and of the USA, for the years 1792-1815

Battle of Verdun Podcast

A multi-part podcast series on the Battle of Verdun.

The Rhine

The Rhine River has been the fault line of Europe since the Roman Republic, and ever since it has separated two of the world’s greatest powers: France and Germany. We tell stories and legends about early conflicts, and then skip ahead to see how events on this frontier shape politics and economics today.

The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast

The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast is a structured educational podcast lasting over 60 hour-long episodes, each covering a particular period of Napoleon’s life and career.

The Land of Desire

I’m Diana, a huge history nerd who spends too much time reading about the weird, wacky and wonderful history of France, who wants to share its greatest stories with you!