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The Ancient World

The Ancient World (Original Series): From the first human civilizations to 500 BC. TAW - Rediscovery: The rediscovery of the ancient world by adventurers, scholars and archaeologists. TAW - Bloodline (Current Series): Tracing the generations from Cleopatra to Zenobia.

The History of Rome

A weekly podcast tracing the rise, decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Now complete!

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

Reccomended Active
Hardcore History discusses the issues and questions history fans love. Composed of standalone episodes and epic "miniseries" on wide range of topics.

The Egyptian History Podcast

A history of Egyptian culture, art, faith, kingship, love, death, war and everything else! We give special attention to the Egyptians' tales and documents, to let their history come alive "in their own words."

The History of Iran Podcast

The History of Iran Podcast, a podcast dedicated to the History of Iran, broadly defined, from ca. 3000 BCE to the early 20th century.

Life Of Caesar

We all know the story. Or do we? Just who was Julius Caesar? Tyrant? Or misunderstood reformer? Ray Harris and Cameron Reilly go on a journey to discover the true Julius Caesar.

Myths and History of Greece and Rome

A journey through the myths and history of Ancient Greece and Rome for all the family.

A History Of: Hannibal and the Punic Wars

A History Of: Hannibal and the Punic Wars is a biography of everybody's favourite Carthaginian general. We follow Hannibal throughout his campaigns as well as looking at the Punic Wars at large.

A History of the World in 100 Objects

A History of the World in 100 Objects was a joint project of BBC Radio 4 and the British Museum, comprising a 100-part radio series of 15-minute presentations. The series used objects of ancient art, industry, technology and arms, all of which are in the British Museum's collections, as an introduction to parts of human history.

A History Of: Alexander [Remastered]

A look at the life of Alexander the Great, from his birth in Macedonia and his conquests to the edge of the world and back.

Classics in discussion

Podcasts of discussions and talks by the Department of Classics and Ancient History, University of Warwick.

Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean

Portal to my podcast, websites, blog, and publications, providing an entryway into social and religious life among Greeks, Romans, Judeans, Christians, and others in the Roman empire.

Roman Lives

Roman Lives is an ancient Roman history podcast centered on the lives of Rome's greatest men and women, from its founding in the 8th century BC, to Constantinople's fall in 1453 AD.

Emperors of Rome

“Great empires are not maintained by timidity.” - Tacitus. A podcast series looking at the rulers of the ancient Roman empire, by Dr Rhiannon Evans and Matt Smith.

Ancient Rome Refocused

A series of podcasts on Ancient Rome and its relationship to modern culture. Sometimes controversial -- always entertaining.

Ancient Warfare Magazine

Discussions from Ancient Warfare Magazine. Why did early civilisations fight? Who were their Generals? What was life like for the earliest soldiers? Ancient Warfare Magazine will try and answer these questions. Warfare minus two thousand years.

Eric's Guide to Ancient Egypt

My goal for this podcast is to create an interactive platform where anyone can ask any questions about ancient Egypt without paying the high cost of a college course, or taking the time to scour through academic publications.