New Podcasts

The Real Middle Ages Podcast

The Real Middle Ages podcast is a podcast all about the European medieval period. Join me as I explore different characters and themes throughout the middle ages that demonstrate the human experience.


Explorers takes an in depth look at history's greatest explorers.

Africa: A History

No continent is as diverse—or has as long of a human history—as Africa. This podcast explores the rich cultures that have existed and can often still be found today. Part geography, part anthropology, and all of it history.

A History of Indonesia

A history of all things Indonesia.

Battles of the First World War Podcast

An in-depth look into the battles of the Great War of 1914-1918. In telling the narrative of these clashes we can revisit some of the stories of the men who lived, fought, and died during the first titanic struggle of the 20th Century.


Weekly chit-chat about the most fabulously fascinating well-known (and little-known) ladies and lady topics from history's pages.

The History of Ancient Greece

A weekly podcast series covering Ancient Greek political, social, and cultural history from prehistory to the Roman conquest

Migration Nation

The United States has been shaped time and again by large migrations of its population. These are the stories of America in motion.

History Personified

History Personified: A Mile in Their Shoes is a history podcast that takes listeners deeper into different historical stories and eras. From military, to politics, to film, television, and radio, to sports, and more, "History Personified" will help bring listeners closer to the stories behind interesting historical events and figures.

The History of Exploration

A podcast detailing the history of exploration from the early classical explorers to modern times.

Trojan War: The Podcast

A serialized telling of the stories that together comprise the epic story of the Trojan War. From The Judgement of Paris through The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships to Achilles’ Heel and Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts, this epic story has it all!

Iroquois History and Legends Podcast

The Iroquois Confederacy. A Native American government with equal rights and representative government that left Europeans in bewilderment. This show covers the culture, histories and legends of the Haudenosaunee.

The Aztec Podcast

The objective of this podcast is to share the story of the people that lived in and around Mexico City, from ancient history to the Spanish conquest.

Historical India Podcast

A podcast history of India from the earliest times

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